Pro Football What-If for iPhone

Pro Football What-If
Pro Football What-If simulates the NFL season by playing out the remaining part of the schedule using random numbers combined with publicly available power ratings and point spreads, and then simulating the post-season all the way through the Super Bowl. In doing this it applies the NFL tie-breaking rules.

Current year-to-date results are updated nightly on all game days. All the NFL tie-breaking rules are programmed into Pro Football What-If and are used in determining standings and playoff seedings in both conferences.

Single Game Overrides
The most powerful feature of Pro Football What-If is the ability to override, or force, the outcome of specific games. This lets you determine just how significant a particular game is.

For example, say the Giants are going up against the Cowboys in Dallas in week 15, and they trail in the standings by one game. This seems like a big game... but just how big is it? It's sometimes hqard to tell. If the Giants win they'll be tied in the standings. but who hold the tiebreaker? It can be hard to know because the NFL rules, with all the tiebreakers and so on, are so complicated. Pro Football What-if shows you exactly what the team's chances are for post-season and Super Bowl assuming they win or assuming they lose the game in question.

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