Zeemerix PlayByPlay Baseball for iPad Screenshots


Pick the visiting and home teams. You can choose from all 30 AL and NL teams.
This is the main Zeermerix Baseball screen. Play-by-play is shown in the box on the lower left. The disk at the bottom is the 'performance profile disk' -- It's a graphical representation of the liklihood of this batter, facing this pitcher, getting a home run, triple,double, single, walk, strike out or other result. The wider the colored segment, the more likly the result. The arrow pointer appears after the play, showing how Zeemerix Baseball randomly determined the outcome of the play.

In addition, the play-by-play detail is called audibly as it's displayed in the play-by-play panel.

When you tap "Drill Down" at the bottom of the main screen, this screen appears showing four different versions of the performance profile, for comparison purposes:
  1. The overall league average.
  2. The current batter against an average pitcher.
  3. The current pitcher against an average batter.
  4. The current batter against the current pitcher (same as on the main screen).
As manager, you can choose when to pinch it, pinch run, change pitchers, and call special plays such as sacrifice bunt, steal, and intentional walk.